Where can I find a manual for the L-1000?

The manual is available as a free download from our website. 

How do I buy a tester?

The easiest way to purchase an L-1000 is from our website.

What if I need to buy with a Purchase Order?

You can email us at info@inertiatorque.com and we will place your order via PO.

How often do I need to send the unit in for calibration? Where do I send the unit for repair or calibration?

We recommend once a year. You will get a certificate with the date it was calibrated last. Please send the unit to:

                                   Attn: Inertia Torque Repair Dept.

                                   30340 Solon Industrial Parkway

                                   Solon, Ohio 44139


How long do the impact tool adapters last?

It is reliant on many factors, such as the number of “cycles” you put the tool on that specific adapter, type of tool, how much torque it is applying to the adapter and so on. It should, however, last thousands of cycles.

What makes this different that other products that are on the market?

The L-1000 duplicates tightening a bolted joint, but it does so by directly measuring the torque in a more accurate and repeatable way. There are only 2 points of contact internally as it rotates, as opposed to be many points of contact in a bolted joint. All the areas where the threads mate and the face of the washer/nut/bolt meet the surface the hole the bolted joint is in. Those areas create a lot of variability in readings. This tester removes the variability and give you a true torque reading. Below is an explanation on how it works.

Will see different torque results as compared to the Skidmore-Wilhelm Models RL and J testers?

There is a possibility, and it is normal if the results are different. Those testers aren’t truly measuring torque but are measuring tension of a bolt. Also, the RL and J require the test bolt assemblies to be relubricated. The L-1000 is lubricated like a gearbox as the lubrication does not need to be reapplied like the test bolt assemblies in our Skidmore Hydraulic load cells. The L-1000 removes many variables as it gives the end-user a more easy, accurate and repeatable option for measuring the performance of the impact tool.